Civil Law reaches a wide variety of topics relevant both to individuals and organizations. Our practice focuses on cases involving the defense of rights and/or enforcement of liabilities derived from Contracts, Home Owners Associations, Real Estate Disputes and Family controversies, among others.


Our Business Litigation practices focuses on any actions that derive from Commerce and corporate relationships. We handle cases involving Promissory Notes, checks and other negotiable instruments; as well as Business Contracts such as purchase agreements, franchising agreements, distribution and sales agreements among others.

We also handle enforcement of collateral or guarantees that arise from commercial activities. Our corporate litigation focuses in disputes between shareholders or partners and between them and other corporations as well.

Federal Injunctions

Pursuant to the Mexican Constitution, Amparo Law is the defense mechanism to ensure protection of constitutional rights for individuals and entities against actions performed by authorities; as well as against consequences that derive from the Law itself. Our practice is focused in Civil, Business and Administrative cases, according to the nature of the authority or law affecting the Constitutional rights of our clients.

International Law and Cooperation

Domestication and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitration Awards in México.

Litigation involving international contracts.

International Arbitration.